Travelling to Samoa

Samoa is an extremely beautiful Island to visit. There are many airlines that can take you to the wonderful place such as Virgin Samoa, Polynesian Airlines, Air New Zealand and Fiji Airways.

From the airport you can be transported to various accommodations like luxurious beachside resorts, traditional Samoan Hotels and etc. The Samoan people will definitely give you a warm welcome to their place and won’t let you down on their hospitality services.

There are many amazing and breath-taking things to do in Samoa. There are beaches where you can do snorkelling, diving, swimming and much more! Also, jungle trails, waterfalls, powerful blowholes and lava fields will fascinate you to learn more about their culture. So don’t be shy to talk to the Samoan Natives to learn about their traditions and history behind their small yet, magnificent land.

Samoan food will give you plenty of mouth-watering dishes to choose from, and chances are you’ll get to taste them at your very own hotel or resort that you’re staying at. There will be a delicious buffet of- umu (earth-cooked meal). You’ll be able to enjoy that with traditional Samoan dance being performed in front of you, feel free to move your body around to the mesmerising dance and music as you’re enjoying your meal.

Are you one with a creative mind and love art? Everywhere you go in Samoa the vivid colours will capture your attention in no time. So be sure to visit a gallery in Samoa to learn more about their arts and craft history and the true reasons behind it.

If you’re having a holiday in Samoa, then it wouldn’t be complete with joining in on a Fiafia night! It’s a lovely celebration of Samoan culture with pleasing songs and elegant dances, also including the spectacular fire knife dance.

Are you a sports lover? Then you will certainly love to know that Rugby is Samoa’s national sport and they have a fierce and reputable team. It’s called Manu Samoa names after a very famous warrior.

Girls just want to have fun right? Well, you can do that at Samoa with fabulous Spa and beauty places, you will be treated very well there and definitely love to go there all the time!

Samoa will give you an experience of a life time. Don’t miss out, because you know you want to go there! They have something to offer to each individual, so make sure the next time your travelling it is to Samoa!